Small Business and Startups Marketing Package

Starting a business can be an exciting and at the same time overwhelming move. You need the right people to consult about what you need to incorporate and what you need to drop. Your customers will expect that you have a website so they can check your products or services on their own time.

Attraction and retention strategies are the basis of maintaining a business. Many small businesses or startups look at their products or services and feel so strongly about them, that their products may be superior when compared to those of their competitors. Despite having a superior product, you will need to market yourself. It is the only way to tie yourself to your specific kind of business. No one would want to start a business and remain small. We all want to grow our businesses.

A professional brand and a well-designed website create a good impression on the potential client. Your first steps to launching your business determine how far the business will skyrocket to increase your sales. Hence, consider this must-have marketing package for your startup business.


1.      Branding

Everything about a business starts with branding. Your branding influences your customer’s perception of your company. Do not underestimate what branding can do for your business no matter how small it is. As Forbes defines ‘your brand is what your prospect thinks of when they hear your brand name’.

Branding communicates your value and helps you attain authority in your industry. From a large organization to a freelancer, get a solid and well-defined brand to complete your business world. Before offering services to the world, understand yourself and what you want to accomplish.



The following tips will help you define a solid brand for your startup business.

  • Come Up with a Mission Statement.

A mission statement is a one or two-sentence summary of the goals and values of your small business. To begin, write a complete description of your product or services, why and how you impact the world, and the target customers. The first draft will be long but after review, shorten it in a way that it communicates in a clear and precise way.

  • Create a brand Logo

The logo should be eye-catching. It should communicate for your business without you speaking a word. Don’t feel a pinch while spending on an impression of your startup business. Don’t settle for something you don’t love. Remember once a logo is published, it may take time to rebrand. Furthermore, multiple rebranding of a logo portrays an unsettled business.

Look for a good brand marketing agency that can help you build a good-looking logo.

2.      Web Design

A website is a perfect way to introduce your business to the world in the online workspace. You are able to showcase what you offer indicating contact information. A website will help you update and edit your content and images as you advance. For a website, you will need a domain name and hosting purchase. You can consult a professional web designer who will customize your website to an attractive appearance.

Web Design at TeamRanker

Web Design at TeamRanker

Ensure that the website is user-friendly and fast in loading rate. Nowadays, consumers are looking for online resources, news, and dashboards to shop from. Word-of-mouth customers are not enough in this era, especially for startups that are trying to gain their corner.

A good website should include clear information about your business. It should have links to the most important pages, and site maps. The navigation menu should be clear and easy to use for any visitor. Consider using a drop-down which will ease the process for your website visitors. The contact information for the business should be easy to find. Ensure that the contact information appears on every page of the website (at the footer or header).

Ensure that your web designer applies the basics of SEO to your website. This means the use of the correct keywords, use of links, proper meta titles, and meta descriptions. Use high-quality videos and images to attract the attention of the client. A startup business will need a highly SEO-optimized website to be able to rank on google. Also ensure the content published is quality and authentic which give customers a reason to come back.

3.       Social Media Set up

We all know the role social media plays in marketing. Imagine now that people do not know your existence, how will they get to know you? How will you get more and more clients? Marketing is a must-have kick starter for a start-up business. The most common way of marketing is the use of social media platforms.

Social Media Set up

Social Media Set up

Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are the main social media platforms used on a daily basis all over the world. Around 73% of small businesses say online platforms have been effective for them. Have graphics and texts showing what you offer. Posts should be clear. Consider promoting your pages to reach a wide range of people.


4.      Consultation on CRM and lead Capture

Lead capture is the process of saving any lead information in an attempt of converting the lead into a paying client. CRM is basically Customer Relation Management. Attracting clients is the basic method of converting a client’s interest into sales.

Consultation on CRM and lead Capture

Consultation on CRM and lead Capture

Creating a personal connection with clients is the foundation of a successful business.  Capturing leads and converting them into sales is a process that needs learning and has continuously evolved. For a small startup business, having no experience in sales, you will need to sit down with a consulting firm and be educated on how to about it.

Implementing effective customer relationship management strategies can improve the customer experience at all levels.  Using a CRM system to follow up on leads can be effective in attaining a long-term business goal.

Let’s take an example, in a trade show, you should not sell pet food but rather should focus on the people who like pets and find out about their passions. With the information, you can now bring in your brand message and prove how you give value to the consumer. Now the question of how do you make the potential client trust your brand, how do we always remind them we are available?

To follow up on this, you will need to incorporate a CRM system. A cloud-based CRM system is helpful because it enables the company to connect to a single platform. CRM systems convert leads into sales through effective marketing plans. Make every interaction a customer winning point.



Marketing for a startup business can be overwhelming on multiple levels. Considering that a lot of effort, skills, and budget will be put into use. With more and more experimentation and continued efforts, you can attain your needed results. Marketing is rewarding to those who are consistent and patient.

Knowing the marketing package needed for your business will help you remain on track and not move astray. Marketing especially on social media helps you reach the target customers, find leads, launch new products and collect client’s feedback. Unlike established brands, startup businesses struggle to gain their market share. Hence a need for the right marketing strategies.