In this case study, Congressi Internazionali, an interpreting agency, describes its experiences. Their primary priority is the needs of their clients. The organization guarantees the professionalism and expertise of a staff that has worked in the industry since 1999, is dynamic and is highly qualified.
They collaborate with top businesses on a national and worldwide level. Congressi Internazionali is a leader in its field thanks to its many years of expertise, enthusiasm, and know-how.

Web development case study for TeamRanker


We carried out a site assessment, used questionnaires, did extensive competitive research, sent out branding surveys, user interviews, constructed personas, and created a list of proposed changes based on the findings during the discovery phase.

The consumers we spoke with considered Congressi Internazionali’s web design as uninteresting, bland, and unappealing, which is a very poor depiction of who Congressi Internazionali actually is given their size and reputation as THE interpreting agency.

Their outdated, awkward website made use of flash graphics and was inaccessible on Apple devices. Additionally, their website was not mobile-friendly, scaring off any mobile visitors that could have visited it. Although they did have a mobile-specific website, it was not user-friendly and had many of the same design issues as the desktop version.

The bulk of the work on this project was done during the development and integration phase. It was thrilling to see the product, on which we had spent a great deal of time, come to life in the browser.

We encountered no “uh-oh” moments that would have necessitated us making significant adjustments to the designs throughout development since the site had been well-planned and strategically thought out from the start. Large quantities of data, material, and photos were included in the new site, but our experts streamlined everything so that page load speeds were unaffected. We are aware that paying attention to such little particulars may transform a final website from “okay” to “wow”!

We implemented the following components during the course of the project:

  • Including a fresh logo and branding

  • Fully customized Woo Commerce: To serve as the front end for Pokhraj’s internal stock and order management systems, we set up a WordPress and Woo Commerce web store.

  • The addition of a shipping calculator, a multi-buy system, and a “often bought together” feature

  • A bulk coupon uploader has been added.

  • Integration with the sales platform and the capacity to create brand pages in accordance with supplier-provided branding requirements

  • Provides consistent and quick page performance with robust caching

  • 301 redirects to guarantee that when URLs changed, traffic and link equity was maintained.

  • Including Yoast to help with SEO

  • And everything else that is needed.

Examine & Launch

During quality assurance, we meticulously examined every square inch of the finished site, confirming that each page and part functioned as intended, resolving any issues, and making any necessary adjustments to make the user experience flawless.

It was finally time to debut after months of arduous effort and planning! We went through our pre-launch checklist to make sure everything was in order, making sure the server was prepared, the most recent code was ready for deployment, and our staff was available to ensure a flawless launch.

When the predetermined day and time came, we launched the site live and performed another in-depth QA to make sure everything was functioning as it should. Congressi Internazionali handled every aspect of the site launch, so all they had to do was sit back and enjoy the delight of watching their new site go online!

“TeamRanker is a great web solution for medium size of businesses like us that want to create a website but don’t really have the resources to do so. I like how easy it is to use Teamranker and they have a great support team as well. I could go on but I think you get the idea, Teamranker rocks!”

Manuel M’sakni

Founder & CEO

Web development case study for TeamRanker 1

UX Plan

We concentrated on a key component of what determines whether a site works or not: the site architecture, before applying any color schemes or selecting typefaces. The most frequently visited elements of the website were added to the main navigation to make it easier for users to reach them, which improved their overall experience.

Our UX team was able to arrange the material that belonged on a page using wireframes, ensuring that everything made sense and flowed well. The planning of how the material needs to be organized to function relied heavily on these wireframes.

We also looked at how different colors are perceived, how their rivals utilize color and the associations between various colors, and the characteristics of Congressi Internazionali. We offered color suggestions based on our results. In order to ensure that the typeface chosen accurately reflected the Congressi Internazionali agency, we followed the same procedure for font selection, researching, testing, and evaluation of hundreds of options.


In the design process, our goal was to create an experience that would appeal to the individual user while also being completely functional to meet the demands of a diverse user base. In order to make the site more aesthetically attractive and less text-heavy, we enhanced the quantity of graphics on it. To better reflect the assertive Congressi Internazionali brand, we boosted the colors and fonts. We also raised the font size on the website to make the material easier to read.

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The Outcomes

Since the debut of their new website, all reviews have shown that users adore it. The material on the homepage encourages exploration by highlighting the key areas of the website in several sections. This guides visitors through the remaining pages of the website so they may explore each one. To guarantee the best possible user experience, we carefully weighed the design’s look and feel aspects against how each page functioned.

Overall, the site has the personality that Congressi Internazionali is renowned for thanks to the better user experience and striking design.