One of the newest and most important E-marketing technologies available today is social media. Social media makes customers accessible so that businesses may learn about their wants and requirements and influence their purchase decisions.

Social media is described as an online platform that brings together millions of individuals from across the globe who have similar interests, worldviews, and pastimes. The finest examples of social media that are well-liked by most users include YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. In order to acquire information, generate ideas, and make the best purchase decisions, they are used for the discussion and evaluation of a certain item, service, or brand. Therefore, social media are regarded as one of the contemporary electronic marketing tools that are distinct from other forms of traditional marketing.

As a result, marketing via social media is currently the broadest, quickest, cheapest, and most effective marketing channel where consumers can easily obtain information and features of interesting goods with the potential to complete the purchasing & sale process without the buyer’s need to go to goods and items place. Internet marketing that makes use of social networking sites as a promotional tool is known as social media marketing. One of those great websites that excel in social media marketing to boost the natural traffic and sales to their clients’ websites is Team Ranker.

Social Media Case Study for TeamRanker

The Challenge was seeking to establish an emotional connection with its target market since it lacked market distinctiveness. In order to establish an emotional connection with consumers, it sought to develop a message strategy that went beyond the utilitarian merits of the category.

Project Objectives

  • Find emotional and meaningful insights to use in marketing messages.

  • Recognize the persuasive and game-changing potential of different advertising efforts.

  • Transform lead advertising campaigns online in a way that appeals to customers’ emotions and is simple to use.


Order Size

Our first sales came from an online marketing campaign and for the first time company’s average order size had grown by more than 60%.



TeamRanker has been able to generate around 65% Return on Ad Spend.


Increase in Revenue

It was a great decision for us to switch to TeamRanker and we gained an increase in sales and traffic by 50%

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CEO – Pokhraj

Customized Approach

To find emotionally important insights, we performed a series of in-depth, one-on-one interviews and used video-based assignments of individuals doing domestic tasks.

The client team developed advertising concepts using these insightful observations, which was then evaluated with customers through live focus groups.

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Social Media Case Study for TeamRanker 1


With this three-pronged strategy, the team was able to:

  • Launch a new integrated marketing campaign that included advertisements and internet communication channels.
  • Saw an improvement in sales and brand relevance (campaign ran for 3 years).

  • Found an emotional connection between brand impression and product usage, allowing for more efficient communication with the target market.


The findings revealed that, in varying percentages, every member of the study sample spent a significant amount of time on social media websites, indicating that these platforms provide a rich and fruitful environment for e-marketing and the ability to influence customers’ purchase decisions.

Designing the social media marketing strategy with the goal of acquiring users and customers from a range of age and economic categories in mind. The whole purpose of social media is to foster interpersonal communication among various people through a medium. Always put an emphasis on communicating with your users as you would with a friend.