The Challenge

Since its founding in 1986 from a single store, Shades of Light’s business has expanded to include multi-channel, national sales of its signature lights along with an expanded selection of home decor items. Shadesoflight specializes in designing and retailing high-end lighting products with distinguished style. The website is a crucial component of Shades of Light’s capacity to reach clients outside of its brick-and-mortar retail locations in Virginia.

As part of the planning process for their yearly SEO campaign, Team Ranker did a keyword gap study. Mid- to high-volume instructional subjects, particularly those that rank for “how to” and “ideas” queries, showed a large ranking discrepancy, according to the data. The SEO team suggested a content schedule built on long-form blogs to address these issues, increase awareness of top-of-funnel searches, and boost knowledge, authority, and trust in the lighting and home décor categories that are crucial to the company.

TeamRanker SEO case study

Our Approach

For each new piece of content, we used a focused, organized approach to planning, production, and execution. The necessary information was already available; all that was required to draw in searchers were the appropriate pages and properly formatted content.

Choosing the Right Door to Success

Following our consultation, our expert team started an extensive investigation of the market structure and other competitors in the year 2018. We came to understand that Shadesoflight faced competition from home-decor websites on the internet. And getting some non-home-decor websites to score highly with these home-decor sites was a real struggle.

We gladly took on this project as well because we work with several national and international bands to help them achieve their objectives with the utmost sincerity and effort.

The Journey Starts…

We suggested a cost-effective service plan within their predetermined parameters. The process of improving the website started gradually.

For a transparent approach, we regularly discussed with shadesoflight before designing a new website for them. The website was developed with all safe ways in mind.

On the website, we added a tremendous deal of high-quality material that had a significant impact. We made category-specific material updates, which were successful and had a significant influence on the process. These materials were presented in a way that was SEO-friendly, which benefited the search ranks.

We talked for a considerable length of time to fully comprehend and ascertain their needs. In accordance with the nature of their firm, we proposed an SEO campaign approach. We carefully examined each product they produced and displayed it so that buyers or users could see the variety of choices they offered.

After a few months, the shadesoflight website gradually started to receive organic traffic and leads. Despite the website being a non-e-commerce endeavor, the business saw a significant increase in traffic compared to its previous website and strategy.

We conducted an in-depth study that is appropriate for various kitchen and home comfort appliances. For a better organic result, many keywords were improved.

This manufacturing case study aims to draw attention to the labor-intensive efforts we made to assist the brand in achieving its objective.



Increase in SEO traffic for optimized content


Increase in impressions

Increase in impressions for optimized content each year



We starting to get sell organically by new content drives SEO traffic

“TeamRanker has been a great partner for our SEO needs. They are on top of it and deliver results. They also provide a lot of value-added services such as google maps integration, business listing optimization, etc.”

Eldon Buck

Marketing Manager – Shades of Light

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The dedicated work we conducted paid off for the brand over the course of months and years. Our team’s determination and elegance in efficiency allowed the business to have a strong online presence.

Our customers received reports on the progress that was assessed and monitored every week and month. They trusted us more correctly because we reported everything with complete honesty.

We constantly follow moral guidelines and employ effective instruments and methods. White-hat approaches are the only moral approach.

Team Ranker prefers to concentrate on improving organic search ranks above using any other strategies. In order to create a comprehensive plan for each product individually, we pay close attention to every little aspect of the brand website involved.

Why do we lead?

  • Identifying high SEO potential content

  • Prioritizing optimizations for 149 pages

  • Strengthening internal links

  • Monthly content performance follow-up

  • SEO training

  • The support

Grow your traffic

We carefully collaborated with the team to develop a custom specification defining their requirements for the new website. We exclusively utilize customized specs to create websites since no two firms are the same, guaranteeing that no essential elements are overlooked.

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Increase your sales

Get more search engine traffic for your business website! We will show you a step-by-step plan so that you can increase your site’s traffic and sales.



This case study of the home decor business demonstrates the enthusiasm we inherit while building the foundation of any company’s or firm’s web presence. When it comes to the digital address they maintained, has made excellent progress in raising awareness. Our assistance benefited their company and increased the number of potential customers that visited their website or web page.

At Team Ranker, our main focus has been on expanding our empire in order to maintain our brand’s reputation in the worldwide digital market. Services for search engine optimization, or SEO, fill the crucial gap needed for a firm to grow.

Importance of SEO Services:

The SEO services are reliable since they are among the most economical options available to businesses. The sole deciding aspect is picking the best SEO Company that will be trustworthy enough to make a significant difference for the company.

Team Ranker follows the exact structure of the rules to develop a special and advantageous strategy and plan for the business to succeed. Here is the fundamental strategy we employ:

  • Discovery from first site analysis

  • In-depth keyword research

  • SEO Planning and Strategy

  • Implementation

  • On-page SEO

  • Off-page optimization

  • Off-page local SEO

  • Social media optimization (SMO)

  • Honest and transparent reporting

  • 24-hour assistance for customers

  • Quickly repeating the procedure

Looking Forward

We continue to work with Shades of Light on their continuous website development, SEO, and PPC campaigns. In order to update the website’s front end and the basket in early 2021 and enhance the mobile experience, they are now analyzing the user experience. We have a great working partnership where we can each come to the other with ideas and comments, and Team Ranker always there to help with technical and development issues.

Success Story of

With the help of our effective SEO services, saw a significant rise in the number of viewers and potential consumers visiting their website. The brand today is gaining access to new online opportunities with effective recognition and returns on investment.

Their ideal turnaround of the digital appreciation they got was the path to new prospects with Team Ranker. The brand had all it needed to soar and scale new heights. All we had to do was shape it to perfection to ensure a smooth flight!

Connect with us soon if you want to learn more about the organic outcomes from SEO services.

“Let’s paint a new wing that is capable of supporting the weight of your brand while maintaining balance.”